Friday, February 21, 2020

Food security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Food security - Essay Example This paper aims at looking at the effect of consumption of junk food in the USA. Over the past years, it has been noted that the rate at which obesity cases have been increasing in the United States of America is wanting. One of the reasons as to why this trend is believed to exist is because of the increase in the rate at which the United States of America consumes junk food (Smith 111). A research carried in the year 2010 by a journal, it was found that a fast food lunch package for a single person would have calorie content of up to 850 calories (Lambert 2). However, recent studies have discovered that the calorie content would get to 1000 calories. Given the fact that women usually need less calories daily as compared to men they are the most affected by the consumption of junk food (Napoli 3). According to a study that was carried out in the year 2012 junk food consumption was discovered to be the most common of the behavioral causes of obesity in the USA (Pereira 38). Apart from the fact that the consumption of junk food is commonly associated with obesity, excessive consumption of junk food can also lead to diseases such as diabetes. This is particularly very true for the case of junk food consumers in the United States of America (Collins). According to a study carried out by Lancet people who consume junk food about four times in a week have higher risks of getting type 2 diabetes. This is particularly backed by studies that were carried out by a number of hospitals in the United States of America, which led to the discovery that a majority of patients that were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were regular junk food consumers (Currie 22). The reason given for this increase is the fact that people who consume junk food regularly gain more weight, which lead to an increase in insulin resistance (St-Onge, Keller, and Heymsfield 1071). This state occurs as a result of the failure of the hormone insulin in the regulation of the levels of glucose

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