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Culture Shock And The Effect On International Business

Culture shock and the effect on international business Culture Shock as defined by : A sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation Kohls (1979) defined culture shock as â€Å"the term used for the pronounced reactions to the psychological disorientation that is experienced in varying degrees when spending an extended period of time in a new environment†. Stages/Phases of Culture Shock: According to What is Culture Shock, and What Can I do to Avoid it? (n.d.) (Retrieved January 3, 2015). Culture shock has three to five phases, depending on which source you read. According to The Stages of Culture Shock (Retrieved 2015) there are typically four stages people go through with culture shock. So depending on where one is doing business you will experience some or all of the stages/phases and will have some impact based on the cultural differences between your home and your new location, and how long one is away from home, a person may or may not experience all the stages/phases listed below. Stage 1 – Excitement or (The Honeymoon - Phase 1): The individual experiences a holiday or honeymoon period with their new surroundings. Stage 2 – Withdrawal or (The Honeymoon is Over - Phase 2): The individual now has some more face to face experience of the culture and starts to find things different, strange andShow MoreRelated Culture Schock Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pages Culture in ancient times was defined as â€Å"the sum total of the equipment of the human individual, which enables him to be attuned to his immediate environment on the historical past on the other†. It reflects in effect what humans have added to Nature. It comprises the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of a society and includes, in addition to the arts and letters, the value systems, traditions, modes of life and beliefs of the society. It also absorbs from other culturesRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On Business Management Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesBUS 1101: PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT The Impact of Management in Globalization of Business. Globalization is the process in which a business or organization start operating on an international scale. The effects of Globalization have created an immediate change in Business Management. As stated by the website â€Å"Globalization on Business Management is interconnection of international markets managing business in a global industry. This includes foreign investments whereRead MoreInformation On Culture Shock : How Employees Identity Is The Impact By Culture959 Words   |  4 Pagesarchived on culture shock. How employees identity is the impact by culture. Dealing with organizations how training plays an important role on teaching employees how to overcome the negative effects of culture shock. A given explanation would be on how women work in the new environment today. And finally, a brief discussion on what is the work ethic of the new region. What is culture shock? Culture is believed to be a shared system of attitudes, values, beliefs and behavior. Hofstede (2003) culture is learnedRead MoreThe Impact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business900 Words   |  4 Pagesthe globalization of business. The multinational corporation The impact of globalization on international business International business refers to a wide range of business activities undertaken across national borders. Along with rapidly increasing globalization, international business has become a popular topic and has drawn the attention of business executives, government officials and academics. International business is different from domestic business. At the international level, the globalizationRead MoreCross-Cultural Business Behavior Model1743 Words   |  7 Pagesauthor of a cross-cultural business behavior model. In his model he names 4 set of attributes. Each set has 2 contrary traits. We have: * relationship-focused and deal-focused business cultures * formal and informal business cultures * polychronic and monochromic business cultures * reserved and expressive business cultures We present each set of attributes in a table to simplify the content: Relationship-focused business cultures | Deal-focused business cultures | People are usually reluctantRead MoreSocio Cultural Presentation1275 Words   |  6 PagesPresentation on Social and Cultural Environment Presented by: Shera Gopaulsingh School of Business and Computer Sciences Date: March 21st, 2015 Social Environment ï  ½ ï  ½ ï  ½ Social environment of business means all the factors which affects business socially. Every business works in a society, so societies’ different factors like family, educational institutions and religion affects business. It includes the culture that the individual was educated or lives in, and the people with whom they interactRead MoreIntelligence Between Intelligence And Culture1730 Words   |  7 PagesThere is a relationship between intelligence and culture because intelligence is culturally shaped and defined and some cultures support and identify it as very vital in the context of social and ecological aspects. In the early years, there was a bias towards intelligence tests because they used English language and culture. The formation of Wesler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Addition (WAIS,IV) in 2008 by David Wesler was meant to minimise the bias. According to Westen, Burton and KowalskiRead MoreCulture Shock And How Does It Affect The International Business? Essay1963 Words   |  8 PagesWhat is the culture shock and how does it affect the international business? Culture shock is defined as the feeling of uncertainty and at times confusion or even anxiety that a person or group of people experience on the occasions that they encounter a new culture. The visits can be for various reasons such as doing business or living in a community that has different beliefs and values regarding life from theirs. Various reasons can lead to culture shock. Some of these reasons comprise of beingRead MoreGlobalization and Organizational Behavior1049 Words   |  5 PagesOrganizational behavior is a field of study that studies individuals groups, and structure. Organizational behavior applies the knowledge gained about individuals, groups, and the effect of structure on behavior in order to make organizations work more effectively (Robbins,2014).Gaining an understanding of globalization and its effect on organizational behavior is crucial to interacting effectively in the modern global economy. Globalization affects an organization’s behavior in severa l ways like stimulatingRead MoreGlobalization Is The World Moving Toward Economy, Finance, And Services Across National Frontiers1207 Words   |  5 Pages Globalization is the process which makes connections among the people, companies, governments and different nations through international trade and investments aided by information technology. Globalization brings the world people to one community. According to globalization is the world moving toward its economy, finance, and trade and communication integration. Globalization exists to the opening of the local surroundings and to the nationalistic perspectives to which

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